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When Food Becomes More Than Just Food

Food has always been something I've enjoyed immensely. Yet, my relationship with food has changed quite a bit since my autoimmune diagnosis in 2020. I used to look forward to going on vacations just to taste the flavors I wasn't used to tasting on a regular basis. I love savory, rich meals and complex flavor notes. Nothing was off the table in my past life. The question is: do I miss it? 

I won't lie to you...sometimes. 

The fact is, after investigating how food interacts with my body and my health, I have opened the door to a whole new way of thinking about food. Now, I don't wait for vacations to savor the flavors. I indulge in satisfying food every single day. I am constantly working on creating nutritious meals that not only meet my specific allergen needs but also accommodate and satisfy my family. 

My name is Kim Wolfe and I am a Registered Nurse and AIP Certified Health Coach. I love creating and sharing AIP elimination stage and re-intro stage meals with others who are also on a mission to better health and flavor. 

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